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Gardens and Gardening is our forte!

Gardens and gardening is our forte at CJM Growers. We have an extensive knowledge of plants in South Africa and we are a reputable nursery in Ballito. So what is a nursery, exactly? Wikipedia offers this information:

“A nursery is a place where plants and trees are propagated and grown to usable size. They include retail nurseries which sell to the general public, wholesale nurseries which sell only to businesses such as other nurseries and to commercial gardeners, and private nurseries which supply the needs of institutions or private estates”. Here at CJM Growers we are a nursery that specialises in ground cover and all plants in South Africa. We are also a landscaping nursery, offering full landscaping services as well as an amazing assortment of gardening supplies, and plants for your gardens and gardening projects.

We at CJM Growers are not only the best in KwaZulu-Natal, we have the best selection of plants in South Africa which sets us apart from other nurseries in the area and it makes us the best at what we do. Our remarkable choice of plants for gardens and gardening is testament to this fact. Do you want to see what we are capable of doing? Our clients include some of the residential golf estates, housing estates and landscapers in our area and if you want to see some of the work we have done take a look at our clients page. Come to CJM Growers where you will never go wrong with your plants in South Africa for gardens and gardening.

The next time you are looking for supplies for your gardens and gardening, don’t waste any time, just come directly to CJM Growers.  We are a nursery in Ballito that can provide for all you landscaping/nursery needs.  We have plants for Africa! You will not be disappointed in this nursery in Ballito! 


Spectacular Plants in South Africa 

We are passionate about plants in South Africa! Here at CJM Growers we are a nursery in Ballito that specialises in all kinds of shrubs, trees and spectacular plants in South Africa. We are the gurus when it comes to gardens and gardening, indigenous plants and trees. We are a landscaping nursery and we offer a full landscaping service from initial design to completed garden. Landscaping is not a simple job – it requires proper design of the garden area, then we slowly sculpture the land into a garden wonderland!

We can help you cover ground with indigenous ground cover for those vast open spaces in your garden. CJM Growers is the largest production farm and specialist grower of indigenous shrubs, groundcovers, plants and trees in KwaZulu-Natal. Our expert staff are able to advise on the plants and trees best suited to the area to be planted with knowledge of what species are endemic. 

Whether you are planting a new garden or a new development, rehabilitating an area to attract birds and butterflies or undertaking a street tree planting project, give us a call or visit us for a quotation for the supply, delivery and installation of all indigenous plant material requirements. We are a nursery in Ballito that can provide you with everything you need for your gardens and gardening. We are also leading South African exporters of plants and trees.

To order plants for your home or plants for your office or to cover ground with indigenous ground cover and so much more, get in touch with us right away!